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This legal notice concerns website www.lyftrentacar.com its mobile website, other applications and reservation engine. Please read this privacy policy carefully. When you use website, mobile website, other applications and reservation engine of www.lyftrentacar.com, you are considered to have accepted the present privacy policy as a whole irrespective of your being registered with us or not.
We respect your privacy and are determined to maintain it so. We are definitely aware of your sensitivity for proper protection and management of your personal data we happen to obtain when you visit our website. This privacy policy informs you how we shall use and protect such data. Information we shall obtain depend on what you will do and what service(s) you will request during your visit.
This legal notice is posted by Etrawler Unlimited Company Ltd, registered in the Republic of Ireland and operating under the name CarTrawler, and LYFT RENT A CAR LLC. (Lyft Rent A Car), business partner of Etrawler Unlimited Company Ltd.
All descriptions and terms in this privacy policy are also applicable for Lyft Rent A Car together with CarTrawler. Supertrade Global Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. (Lyft Rent A Car) operates only as broker  vie website www.lyftrentacar.com, mobile website, applications and reservation engine of us and it has, therefore, no responsibility against you and any third parties.
If you do not accept his privacy policy, please do not use our website, mobile website, other applications and reservation engine.
Collection and Use of Personal Data
Data Collected
We may collect information about your visit and use of our website www.lyftrentacar.com, mobile website, other applications and reservation engine, including sales data, traffic data and other information in connection with the website. Such data help us evaluate and improve our website and they may also be used for investment analysis. Furthermore, we may share such data with prestigious third parties but only in form of collective statistical forms which do not contain personal identification data.
Personal Data
CarTrawler is aware of and recognize signification of responsible use of the personal data collected at the reservation engine and web pages. As it is, CarTrawler acts very cautiously about the personal data and takes necessary steps for safe storage of such data and for use of them only for legal business objectives. Information provided by you to CarTrawler via the search engine are treated as per the Data Protection Laws (1988 and 2003) and/or applicable laws which are occasionally modified or renewed in the Republic of Ireland.
We have to get some data from you to make reservation for you. Such data include full name, nationality, sex (or sex group to which you belong), telephone number and electronic mail address. In addition, we also need details of your credit card or bank card when paying the rent amount and/or making deposit payment in order to provide rent car warranty. When you rent a car from the rent car supplier by using the reservation engine, you are also considered to have acknowledged that CarTrawler will keep your personal data to facilitate car rent via this reservation engine and forward such data the rental car supplier.
We also give you opportunity throughout this website to send us information about yourself by sending your messages and providing feedback via our “communication” page or through e-mail or mail service. You are required to send some personal data about yourself by use of such channels. The data in question are used by ETrawler Unlimited Company (CarTrawler) and LYFT RENT A CAR LLC. (Lyft Rent A Car) for offers and advantages we provide for you; this may also involve your participation in the interactive features of our services and change of our services.
Furthermore, our website and mobile website also use advertising features of Google Analytics.
Use and Disclosure of Personal Data
In order that the rental car supplier can make out who you are and when you ill use the rental car service, you have to send information to the rental car supplier from which you reserve your rental car. We forward to it data on your full name, nationality, sex (or the sex group to which you belong), telephone number, electronic mail address, credit card/bank card and, of course, information about your reservation. Rental car supplier needs such data in order to get a confirmed reservation from you.
Your electronic mail address will be used only to send you confirmation of your reservation and directly contact with you about your reservation and occasionally to inform you about improvements of our website, mobile website, other applications and reservation engine. We use your telephone number only to urgently contact with you only in case of any problem concerning your reservation.
We may disclose your personal data to our agent, service providers, professional advisors, any member of our group and third parties in connection with any business or sale or purchase of assets and any other third parties. And such disclosure may be required in relation to the objectives referred to in this privacy policy or required or permitted by the applicable laws. 
Disclosure of your personal data may include transfer of such personal data to a country outside the European Economic Zone where the data protection level is not as high as in the Republic of Ireland. By giving your personal data, you accept such transfer of your personal data.
And you should also be aware that when you connect to any web pages other than our website www.lyftrentacar.com, mobile website, other applications or reservation engine, Car Trawler has no control over such other web pages. CarTrawler cannot, therefore, provide any guarantee that those in control of such other web page will respect your personal data as much as we do.
Use of "Cookies"
Cookies are small files of the websites, which are deployed in your hard disk, allowing them to identify you. Use of the cookies is a common application on many websites. If you, for example, allow a website to remind your login name or password, the website will deploy a cookie in your computer. Cookies cannot read other data in your hard disk. We deploy cookies in your computer to identify you. We may use cookies to measure web traffic, offer some services and make customization for your visit. However, if you do not desire to receive cookies or to be informed when they are deployed, we recommend you to refer to the settings of your browser where you may switch off the option for acceptance of cookies.
www.lyftrentacar.com may use cookies of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an analytical tool, helping us to understand what our visitors do on our website, mobile website and applications. Furthermore, Google cookies such as safety, preferences, operations, advertising and login status are also used on our website, mobile website and other applications.
It is possible to use a series of cookies to collect data and inform Google about statistics about use of our website without identification of our visitors. Primary cookie used by Google Analytics is the cookie ‘__ga’.
In addition to reporting statistics on use of website, Google Analytics together with some of the advertising cookies described above may also be used to display you advertisement more relevant to you in the properties of Google (such as Google Search) and throughout webs in general.
If you desire to be excluded when we use such features, you may click on the link https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/.
Your Rights of Access and Change
You are entitled to request copy of data in possession of us (we may require a small fee for such request) and correction of any mistakes concerning your data.
If you desire to benefit from any of these rights, please write to the following address. In order to fulfil your request, you should also give information for identification of you as well as other information that may be helpful for us.
ETrawler Unlimited Company (CarTrawler)
Classon House, Dundrum Business Park, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland
Telephone: 00 (353) 23 8883011
We take necessary security measures to protect the data you share with us against unauthorized access or disclosure.
Data you send when surfing in the website www.lyftrentacar.com or mobile website is protected by SSL, an encrypted communication channel. In order to benefit from SSL, your browser should support SSL and you should activate SSL options in your browser.
Changes in Our Privacy Policy
We may from time to time and at our sole discretion change this privacy policy. All such changes shall be displayed in this page. That you continue to use our website after such changes in this privacy policy would mean you have accepted them.
Business Electronic Messages
With respect to the business electronic messages, you are considered to have accepted to receive business electronic messages via our website www.lyftrentacar.com, mobile website on other applications from Etrawler Unlimited Company (CarTrawler) and on basis of your contact info during purchase of product or service to the extent of authorization of communication about presentation of the products and services, new products and services, special car rental offers made by ETrawler Unlimited Company (CarTrawler), LYFT RENT A CAR LLC. (Lyft Rent A Car) and business partners of ETrawler Unlimited Company (CarTrawler) or any other information that ETrawler Unlimited Company (CarTrawler) and LYFT RENT A CAR LLC. (Lyft Rent A Car) consider you may be interested in.
Applicable Law
This privacy policy shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the Republic of Ireland.


Use of our website, mobile website and other applications and reservation engine by you will mean that you have read and accepted all term and conditions described above.